Are you’re an aspirant willing to pursue ACCA, ready to start your ACCA journey and become a globally sought out accountant armed with the highest quality accounting skills? If you answered, Yes! But are unable to find where are to begin your ACCA journey, accanepal is here to help. In order to turn your dream to a reality for becoming a professional accountant, analyst, or more with the ACCA qualification, you will need to understand the journey is pious and tedious at times but it’s not something unachievable. An ACCA student needs the right tool to and comprehensive knowledge of starting ACCA in Nepal to clear it for the first time.

How to Start ACCA?

In order to start your ACCA journey in Nepal, you will first need to revisit your educational background to know where you can start. There are a few papers from Applied Knowledge Level and Applied Skill Level which allow students with the right qualification to be exempt from certain Examination. The exemptions in the exam are usually reserved for students with a bachelor’s (undergraduate degree) and Master’s (postgraduate degree) for certain papers. Thus, the students with those qualifications should check with ACCA Approved Learning Partners ALPs, they wish to join or apply for them while registering at ACCA global. The students starting right off the bat after clearing their A Levels, +2, or any other high school education equivalent to +2 in Nepal, are not allowed any exemption. Those starting off their dream to becoming ACCA in Nepal must previously have pursued English and Mathematics during their High School Education. The students are exempt of mathematics requirements if they have pursued accountancy as a subject during their high school years depending on circumstances.

Where Does Your ACCA Journey Start?

Your ACCA journey starts subsequent to the decision of joining ACCA and becoming a part of a globally recognized member body. However, your ACCA journey in Nepalafter you register with ACCA for myACCA account. ACCA Students need to submit a scanned copy of your identification, preferably passport or driving license or citizenship issued by the country along with your prior educational certificates for registering with ACCA. Furthermore, ACCA advises upload of officially translated documents, if they happen to be in any other language than English. New students are required to pay a registration fee of £45 (British pounds) along with an annual subscription of £112 as per current price on ACCA global (prices are updated and are subject to change). The registration fee in Nepal can be paid through banks like the Civil Bank, Bank of Kathmandu, Nabil Bank, Nepal Investment Bank Limited, or debit/credit card with international payment facility. It’s better to get counseled and join one of many ACCA approved colleges in Nepal for making your payments and let them handle these payments for more.

Check out our ACCA Approved colleges in Nepal for more.

Types of ACCA Member

ACCA Examination and Professional Experience PER, completion allow a student to successfully become an ACCA Member. Those appearing examinations are referred to as ACCA Students, while the ones who have cleared the examination and are yet to complete Professional Experience Requirement PER of 36 months are known as ACCA affiliates. The people bestowed with a chance to accompany ACCA in their names are people who have completed all their examinations and 3 years PER. Thus, your ACCA Journey starts off as an ACCA student until you successfully become an ACCA member. However, becoming ACCA Member from Affiliate requires great dedication, patience, revision of the past paper, and effort.


There is 13 examinations along with one additional paper required for students joining ACCA from +2 background. The students awarded exemption need to appear 9 papers with one additional paper. The one paper all students must appear to become an ACCA in Nepal or anywhere else is Ethics and Professional module. Your ACCA journey will take you through examinations divided into two major sections – Foundation Level and Strategic Professional Level. Each of these modules for becoming ACCA is further divided into two levels. There are two levels –Applied Knowledge Level with three subjects and Applied Skill Level with 6 subjects in Foundation Level. The Strategic professional level in the ACCA examination consists of two Essential Modules and two Optional Modules. Amongst 13 examinations to have appeared, 4 are On-demand Computer Based Examinations CBE, and the rest are written exams called Centre Based Examination. There are 4 examination cycles each exam year and students can enroll for examination on during one of the four periods.

Follow ACCA in Nepal examination cycle and more on exams.

Cost of the examinations

The cost of examinations are fully the rights of ACCA global and are subject to change, students are thus advised to full ACCA page on the web. The price of examination for CBE exams are totally up to ACCA approved CBE Centre and students are advised to check with ACCA approved CBE Centres in NepalTentatively, ACCA in Nepal fees translate to 4 to 5 lakh Nepali rupees their pound cost are mentioned below:

Examination Cost in Great Britain Pound (£)
Applied Knowledge Level These are subject to prices set by ACCA approved CBE Centres.
Applied Skill Level £114 for early entry, £120 for standard entry, and £308 for late entry.
Ethics and professional Skill module (additional examination mentioned earlier) £69
Strategic Professional Essentials Module £148 for early entry, £156 for standard entry, and £352 for late entry.
Strategic Professional Optional Module £148 for early entry, £156 for standard entry, and £352 for late entry

Important Note: The Centre’s for the examination can charge additional price and ACCA students are requested to check with their respective ACCA approved colleges in Nepal or ACCA Nepal office.

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