How to choose your ACCA optional papers? It has and still is an important question at the end of the pathway to becoming ACCA for years. The end of ACCA’s horizon feels an inch closer when one reaches the stage to choose these papers – yet, it has become an increasingly hard puzzle to pick the right papers. The papers are definitely worth some research and self-questioning as these are the last final papers that are going to have a big impact in your career as an ACCA.

Most make the mistake of choosing the easiest ACCA optional papers to clear ACCA and move on towards their careers. However, it is not a correct pathway and guide here is to help you choose the best combination of ACCA optional papers.

Introduction on ACCA optional Papers

Most students in their pathway to becoming ACCA already know all or probably more about Optional papers. In spite of this fact, how to choose your ACCA optional papers?  –  is crafted with the intent to impart knowledge from the bare basics of optional paper and help you clarify these papers to aid in making the correct choice.

There are total of four number of papers in optional papers are four in the optional section of the Strategic Professional Level.

Name  of optional paper Acronym of paper
Advanced Financial Management AFM
Advanced Performance Management APM
Advanced Taxation ATX
Advanced Audit and Assurance AAA


Advanced Financial Management

The subject defines itself in its entirety by its name itself, it is an advanced form of financial management paper student studied in Applied Knowledge Level. It is an in-depth form of F9 paper, Financial Management FM student studied before entering into the domain of ACCAs Strategic Professional Level.

This optional paper in ACCA is better suited to those who see themselves in roles of heading Financial tasks or operations in an organization. The students are introduced to broader concepts of corporate finances, risk management, and investment appraisal.

The students who clear AFM as the subject of their choice – can see themselves assume roles of Chief financial officer, head financial consultant, finance director, and financial analyst after completion of ACCA.

Advanced Performance Management

The subject is a detailed version and supplement to the papers students and professors around the world known as F2 and F5. The Advanced Performance Management APM in ACCA is an important paper that demands a sound knowledge of Management Accounting MA (F2) and Performance Management PM (F5).

The paper is for those who want to manage the accounts of the organizations on a regular basis and monitor firms every accounting transaction. The students are taught the strategic methodology of managing the bookkeeping, entry, records of the transaction of a firm in accordance with the changing dynamics of the modern accounting changes.

Advanced Taxation

ATX like Advanced Financial Management is a self-explanatory term and it explains itself on its own. ATX or Advanced taxation is the broader form of Taxation TX or F6 paper they go through during the Applied Skill Level during the course of their studies. It is an important subject for those who want to pursue the aim of becoming a chartered tax advisor in the ACCA body’s home country in the UK.

ACCA students are introduced to advance the form of taxation rules and laws used in the United Kingdom Borders. The student who doesn’t wish to study the UK version of ATX can study the local tax law instead of the UK version. Students with this ACCA optional paper combination under their belt are offered professions of tax planner, tax advisor, and other positions related to tax.

Advanced Audit and Assurance

ACCA students need no introduction to the subject of Advance Audit and Assurance. The students who dream of being an auditor or gain the certificate of practice to sign financial reports off know very well about the subject.

The subject is the detailed version of Audit and Assurance AA or F8 paper taught in Applied Skill Level. The course material of AAA optional paper in ACCA is designed with an aim of testing and imparting students with concepts of advanced examination of the financial reports, business reporting advisory, and more.

The students upon completion of this course can see themselves as an audit assistant, auditor, and take up positions in demanding auditing roles.

Tips on How to choose your ACCA optional papers?

There is no expert advice or magical wand to pick the right combination of paper for you. Students can select the right pair of ACCA optional papers with the following tip:

  • There is no group of easiest ACCA optional papers and students should not be lured to choosing the papers on basis of pass rates.
  • Students should reflect on their knowledge, their expertise, and the results in previous papers like F2, F5, F6, F8, and F9 for choosing the papers. The students should revisit their confidence in these papers prior to the selection of their ACCA optional papers/
  • Similarly, ACCA students while selecting the best combination of ACCA optional papers need to remind themselves of what they want to be in the future and select their papers accordingly.
  • Seek advice from your tutors and guides at your Approved Learning Partner where you are enrolled. A Gold Approved Learning Partner like Seed Financial Academy are expert at teaching the ACCA optional papers and guiding student to a better career.